14 października 2019

Wuthering Heights

'I wish I were a girl again, half-savage and hardy, and free.'
Emily Bronte

This time I went simple with a limited colour palette, raw background and a few accents in the shape of clear messy stamps.


Hazy Days – Clear Stamps, Homegrown – Clear Stamps

Do you know what is going on Somerset Place?
You may find there my new tutorial. Ta-dah! :)

12 września 2019

Woodland Stories

When all odds and ends unite, when all lost words tell a new story and all found scraps combine, a gentle woodland tale is about to begin. This is the way I used all wonderful elements from various collections in one journal entry. Let your heart be your guide in a creative process.

Fortune-teller – Die-Cut Elements 6×12, Northern Lights – Words Stickers 6×12,Writer’s Block – Element Stickers 6×12, Writer’s Block – Words Stickers 6×12, Burden, Lost and Found – 213

11 lutego 2019


In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. What are you seeking for? Maybe just a whimsical journal entry would be enough?

I would like to share with you some memories from my last classes filled with vintage, natural and snowy works. It was such a pleasure to reveal a few tricks among lovely ladies from Warsow.

10 grudnia 2018

Chilly Morning


It’s getting colder and colder every day as well as darker and darker which makes me overwhelmed by upcoming gloomy season. Flock of birds gather to head out toward warmer places. But not everybody is packing their suitcases, so here they are – three tits. I used wonderful nature inspired papers from Garden Party Collection. I hope they will make you create something birdy soon.

Air Mail – Element Stickers 6×12, Air Mail, Clear Stamps, Priority, Paint Chips – Droplets Stencil, Garden Party – Knotty, Annual


I would like to share with you some memories from summer classes in Warsaw.  It was a very fertile and joyful time with a wonderful team.

24 września 2018

Autumnal Workshop


When all colours are fading, shapes are softened by fog and melancholy is trembling in cool crisp air, there is something creative and energetic just around the corner - Art in Town. This artistic festival takes place in Warsaw and if you are in mixed media, altering objects or home decor it will definitely make you smile. I will join a party with an autumnal assemblege on nature and memories. It would be great to meet all of you there!

17 czerwca 2018

Midsummer Workshops

Zapraszam serdecznie na warsztaty do warszawskiego Scrapbooking Shop w pierwszy wakacyjny czerwcowy weekend. Niech będzie twórczy i inspirujący. Będziemy pracować nad art journalem oraz w technice mixed-media:

22 kwietnia 2018

Faded and Forgotten

Something new or a few older collections?
Something blue or something stained?
Something borrowed or something burnt?
Whatever papers and embellishments by 7 Dots you choose, they will always fit into your mood.
Especially these fresh ones!

Homegrown – Clear Stamps, Nature Walk – Clear Stamps, Paint Chips – Clear Stamps, Cold Country – Tags 12×12, Writer’s Block – Tags 12×12, Nothern Lights – Frosted, Yuletide – Clear Stamps

18 kwietnia 2018

Somerset Apprentice on Grassy Fields

I am thrilled and delighted to share that I was published on spendid 'From the Pros' pages in Spring issue of Somerset Apprentice. Thank you, Stampington & Co!