8 kwietnia 2017

Spring Abundance

'Spring drew on...and a greenness grew over those brown beds, which, freshening daily, suggested the thought that hope traversed them at night, and left each morning brighter traces of her steps.'
Charlotte Brontë

7 Dots Studio - Cold Country - Clear Stamps, Lost and Found - 213, Homegrown - Happy, Tags 12x12, Cotton Candy Dreams – Clear Stamps

28 lutego 2017

1 lutego 2017

Principles of Truth

There is something very appealing in Dee Dee Catron’s collections. Something they have in common, maybe the vintage air in them, maybe the edgy design or maybe the topis which are brought to life. But one thing is certain: the unique and outstanding versatility which allows you to mix them every time you want. Cotton Candy’s sweetness with Tarot figures mysticism, together with botanical prints of Homegrown collection, all go together very well. You can pick and add all you favourite elements into one magical potion. I’m sure it will cast its creative spell on you!

7 Dots Studio - Writer's Block - Sincerely, Burden, Cotton Candy - Clear Stamps, Dreams - Tags 12x12, Fortune-teller - Clear Stamps, Tarot, Soul, Clear Stamps, Homegrown - Happy

10 grudnia 2016

At Magic School

Have you already heard about Marina Syskova's Magic School, which is a great place to gain a lot of knowledge and inspiration? Sponsored by fabulous 7 Dots Studio it also offers amazing prizes for its students. You can't miss such a treat! I'm happy to join this art academy as a guest designer with the below assemblage, just have a look here.
I have to admit that all collections which were designed by Dee Dee Catron are definitely my favourite ones. Their soft tones, vintage patterns and endless possibilities of combining are the keys to my creative heart. This time I went with the flow and mixed them in a structural assemblage. The base of my work is a piece of unbleached cardstock which I found some time ago as a kind of packaging. It turned out to be a perfect starter for small arrangements painted in a limited earthly palette. Recycled materials always make perfect companions for brand new collections by 7 Dots, don't you think?

7 Dots Studio - Lost and Found - 213, Fortune-teller - Tarot, Clear Stamps, Homegrown - Clear Stamps, Happy, Writer's Block - Burden, Sincerely

Have a wonderful weekend surrounded by all these things which make you feel warm, cosy and relaxed... or just let you creativity and energy roar!

26 listopada 2016

A Very Merry Mixed Media Workshop

Throw some handmade goodness into your holiday decor this season with 6 amazing artists. Gain access to 6 different mixed media based home decor projects with full how-to videos that walk you step by step from start to finish!
What an artisic feast is here! I feel so honored to be a part of such a talented team of artists as DeeDee Catron, Fiona Paltridge, Miranda Edney, Jenn Engle, and Tina Walker. A dream team of amazing mixed media ladies with their wonderful holiday themed workshops!
You may find all information and projects here: www.deedeecatron.com/classes-workshops/a-very-merry-mixed-media-workshop/
It looks awesome, isn't it? Will you join us?

31 października 2016

Somerset Apprentice Under a Warm Blanket

A warm blanket, a piece of home made pumpkin cake and a cup of hot chocolate are waiting for a wonderful evening with a fascinating guest. Guess who has visited me a few days ago... A fresh autumnal issue of splendid Somerset Apprentice! Everytime I'm so delighted with the opportunity to find myself among such prominent artists. Thank you dear Somerset! The evening is going to be a delicious creative feast.
I would like to announce that the winner of the denim giveaway is PiHi! Congratulations! Please provide me with your address and I will gladly to send you the prize.

10 października 2016

Folk Birds and Journal Giveaway - Finnabair Creative Team

It is time for my last project for the Creative Team. It was a wonderful time and a splendid experience for me. I’m so glad to have spend this magical era at Finanbair’s court with such merry and bright companions, sitting around a well set mixed media table...
We shared our art secrets, inspirations and a pure joy of creating. How lucky I’m to have such beautiful memories to be cherished!
As my farewell post I'd like to present Folk Birds - my alteration of an ordinary metal tin turned into a folky style container.

I started with taking off a label from a tin and cleaning it thoroughly.
Then I glued pages from vintage dictonaries around the tin using Soft Gloss Gel. Don't try to do it too precisely, a bit of imperfection here and there may only add some artistic value to your work.
When the papers dried, I put a transparent and uneven coat of White Gesso mixed with the blue Metallique Art Alchemy paint. Again - not worrying about doing it too perfectly.
I decorated the lid with similar vintage papers and attached a Mechanical cog.

I cut out and painted two birdy silhouettes and painted them with Art Alchemy acrylics.
The birds were glued down along with a metal Tin Heart to the center of the tin.
I doodled a bit and traced their shapes with a black pen and acrylics.

A round Art Pebble with a piece of vintage paper glued down underneath, was attached to the Mechanical centerpiece on the lid.
To make my tin more textural, I added a pinch of Mini Art Stones onto chosen areas.

I stamped a few vintage patterns around the focal element. Then I added highlights with delicate brush strokes of Mica Powders. They stuck perfectly to the previously painted elements.

Before I say goodbye, I'd like to celebrate my great time spent with Finnabair Creative Team with a gift for you, dear readers. :) I'm giving away a small part of my creative journey that I’m so grateful for.

If you would like to grab this Denim Journal of mine, please leave your comment below this post from 10th to 20th of October.

Have a cosy and relaxing evening!
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6 października 2016

Dryopteris filix-mas

I found this dried fern between stained pages of a herb book. Even though it had been crushed and folded, it definitely deserved to be released out of its hiding. To seal its delicate foliage the fern was coated with a layer of beeswax. Nature with its autumnal bounty is an endless source of wonderment and inspiration.
I would like to announce that the winner of the giveaway is Cindy Catania! Congratulations! Please provide me with your address and I will be glad to send you the prize.