7 listopada 2015

Wild Geese - Finnabair Creative Team

The first snowflake is dancing on the frozen ground. All birds flew away from these leaden clouds on the stormy sky. The evening is near. The pastel coloured sunset evokes a bunch of wild flowers with soft rosewood, blush and heather tints.

My very first step was covering the inside of a wooden box with vintage patterned papers using 3D Gloss Gel. Then I painted almost the whole with Heavy White Gesso. The layer was rather thin and it lets the background be seen through. I used gesso inside the frame as well.

When the primer coat was drying, I randomly added the next ingredient – White Crackle Texture Paste in chunky brushstrokes. The thicker coat resulted in heavy and sloppy crackles. Then I put some Light Paste in the corners and attached a vintage crochet doily cut in half, which was glued firmly thanks to the paste. The last step was adding a bit of Glass Beads here and there which were also covered with white brushstrokes. When the surface became dry, I splashed the background with tea to obtain an even and distressed look. Then I added some tints with watercolor and pastel pencils which offer dreamy and soft overall effect.

For my centrepiece elements I chose some feathers, Type Writer Numbers, raw strings and a pinch of Mica Flakes. I finished with sprinkling some areas with Micro Beads which were glued down with Clear Crackle Paste.

And then it was time to put aside my brushes and finish my cup of tea...

Have a relaxing and cosy weekend!

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