2 listopada 2021

Aqua Regia

'Thoughts create a new heaven, a new firmament, a new source of energy, from which new arts flow.' Paracelsus

4 sierpnia 2021

Cobalt Herbarium

Cobalt oaks, azure birches and cerulean ferns.

29 listopada 2020

Full Moon in Capricornus

Rock, scissors, paper or rather watercolour, scissors, paper? I choose the latter.

14 października 2020

Serpent's Egg

Severance, the birds of leaving call to us
Yet here we stand endowed with the fear of flight
Over land the winds of change consume the land
While we remain in the shadow of summers now past.

Brendan Perry

17 sierpnia 2020

Heavy Storm

 A heavy thunderstorm passed over the house...

9 kwietnia 2020

Equinox Dance

Equinox Dance - a hand cut collage from vintage graphics.

Would you like to visit Somerset Place and have a look at my springtime tutorial? Here it is:
Take care!

6 marca 2020

Glorious Morning with Somerset Studio

What can I say? I'm on cloud nine to find my work on glossy pages of splendid Somerset Studio!

11 lutego 2020

Lenormand Deck

Every once in a while it is quite nice to have a date with paints, pencils or some odds and ends.
This a short story on how an object from a museum leaflet became a jewel of a spread on divination.