30 czerwca 2015

Song of the Sea

'There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky; there is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul.'
Victor Hugo

"Jest widok bardziej niezmierzony niż morze - niebo. Jest widok jeszcze bardziej niezmierzony niż niebo - wnętrze duszy ludzkiej."
Victor Hugo

28 czerwca 2015

Moonlit Night - Finnabair Creative Team

Here is my participation in the next chapter of mixed media course known as Spread Your Wings Academy. This time Finn Team is working with stencils.
Stencils are the best companions if you wish to decorate the background quickly and easily.
To start with this journal spread, I glued the starry paper and applied a generous coat of Texture Paste White Crackle through Stars Stencil.

Once it dried, I put some Gelatos mixed with Mica Powders by rubbing them with my finger into porous patterns. I used handwritten and numeral stamps to create a horizontal line.

Finally, I put a bit of Matte Gel onto the stamped area to make it sticky for a pinch of Glitter and Art Sugar to come. It was easy-peasy, right?

If you think that you are not neat and careful enough and some paste has gone far beyond its proper place, you don’t have to worry about it, as imperfections result in more unique and artistic effects.
Don't forget to see the entire post on Finnabair blog and don't hesitate to pick up some stencils to spread your wings!

24 czerwca 2015

Wonderful Night to Dream

'I have dreamed in my life, dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas, they have gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the color of my mind.'
Emily Bronte

The above journal spread is dedicated to dreams about our possible past lives.
Inspired by the summer solstice, I wish you all a serene discovery of the inner artist that lives within us all. Take a new look at the reality through the eyes of a gentle viewer. There is a subtle world there waiting to be seen.

"Marzyłam w ciągu mojego życia, marzenia, które zawsze ze mną zostawały, zmieniały moje poglądy, przechodząc wciąż przeze mnie, jak wino przechodzi wodę, odmieniały kolor moich myśli."
Emily Bronte

W atmosferze letniego przesilenia, życzę Wam abyście odnaleźli w sobie wewnętrzną artystyczną wrażliwość, którą skrywamy gdzieś głęboko. Spójrzcie na świat oczami uważnego obserwatora i starajcie się dostrzegać subtelne piękno, które wciąż czeka na nasze odkrycia.

12 czerwca 2015

The Lady of the Forest - Finnabair Creative Team

Even though my work may seem feminine, it actually embodies the male affinity with the forest and the wilderness, for in the past even men venerated the Lady of the Forest. She looked after the wildlife and was often seen accompanied by a deer. This lady was a perfect addition to a wonderful clock frame designed by Finnabair. 

I used Texture Pastes in a threefold way. Firstly, I mixed White Sand Texture Paste and Black Gesso which resulted in a rough substance that made the background look a bit distressed.

Secondly, in order to obtain mock rust, I used Copper Crackle Texture Paste and Mica Powders that in turn gave the work an aging effect. Thirdly, I prepared a mixture consisting of Clear Crackle Texture Paste, a bit of water, and a pinch of Mica Powders. I applied the mixture onto the central element of my work thus granting it with a translucent effect reminding me of broken china. 

You can achive different surface effects depending on the substances proportions in the mixture, so don’t shy away from using your own ideas here.
Check out the Prima post here for the wonderful projects created by Finnabair's Creative Team.

Prima Products: 962531 Mica Powder Copper, 962548 Mica Powder Rust, 962524 Mica Powder Gold, 961343 Altered Metal Frame Clock,>962500 Mica Powder Green, 962494 Mica Powder Blue, 961503 Texture Paste White Crackle, 961510 Texture Paste Antique Silver Crackle, 961534 Texture Paste Copper Crackle, 961541 Texture Paste Clear Crackle, 961398 3D Matte Gel, 961459 Heavy Gesso Black

Chociaż moja praca wydaje się na pierwszy rzut oka kobieca, opiewa męski związek z puszczą i dzikimi ostępami, gdyż nawet mężczyźni zwykli czcić w przeszłości panią lasu. Opiekowała się ona przyrodą i często przedstawiana była z towarzyszącym jej jeleniem. Moja pani lasu zamiast w dziczy zamieszkała w cudownej zegarowej ramce zaprojektowanej przez Finn.
Pamiętajcie, aby odwiedzić blog Primy, gdzie znajdziecie cudowne prace  Finnabair's Creative Team.