22 kwietnia 2015

Spring Walk

Upcoming springtime inspired me to alter a small wooden chest of drawers. It even turned out to be a bit romantic storage locker, thanks to versatile supplies from 7 Dots Studio. I hope that sunny days will bring you a bunch of creative ideas. It's such a lovely day, so how about a spring walk?

Nadchodząca wiosna zainspirowała mnie do zalterowania niedużej drewnianej komódki. Rezultat okazał się całkiem romantyczny, dzięki użyciu idealnie skomponowanych dodatków od 7 Dots Studio. Mam nadzieję, że słoneczne dni natchną Was świeżymi pomysłami, a dziś jest tak uroczo, że wprost nie można nie skorzystać z wiosennego spaceru.


17 kwietnia 2015

New Species - Finnabair Creative Team

Here are my trophies collected from springtime nests, order: Finnabairum, species: Mica Powderis Officialis! ;) 

We are talking birdy display and rusty-pastel shades of shimmering Mica Powders here. I used the powders threefold. First, I applied them with a brush on a damp coat of gesso. This step resulted in a dimensional and shiny effect. 

Secondly, I rubbed them dry into crackles, which in turn had been obtained thanks to Texture Paste - White Crackle. 

Finally, having mixed them with water, I made delicate splashes with the help of a hard brush and my thumb. You can easily control gleaming results by balancing the amounts of powders and media in a mixture.
Check out the Prima post here for the wonderful projects created by Finnabair's Creative Team.

Prima Products:  Mica Powder Copper - 962531, Mica Powder Rust - 962548, Mica Powder Gold - 962524, Mica Powder Green - 962500, Mica Powder Blue - 962494, Mica Powder Teal - 962487, Glass Glitter Midnight Blue – 962715, Glass Beads Turquoise - 962678, Mechanicals Leaves 2 - 961046, Texture Paste White Crackle - 961503, Heavy Gesso White – 961374

Moje zdobycze zebrane z wiosennych gniazd należą do rzędu Finnabairum i gatunku Mica Powderis Officialis ;) Ornitologiczna kolekcja w rdzawo-pastelowych barwach oprócz ptasich odkryć przedstawia również różnorodność zastosowań Mica Powders, które w formie suchej jak i zmieszane z mediami zachwycają blaskiem i odcieniami.
Pamiętajcie aby odwiedzić blog Primy, gdzie znajdziecie cudowne prace  Finnabair's Creative Team. 

10 kwietnia 2015

Lunar Eclipse - Finnabair Creative Team

Under the moon and stars of Friday night, there is a new creation for Finnabair team.

Not so long ago a lot of us were thrilled about the solar eclipse. Watching people looking at the sky through various homemade devices brought to my mind how deeply we are rooted in natural phenomena. We are still attracted by the very same processes which fascinated our ancestors. To highlight this bond between the humane and the cosmic, I created a bit murky altered piece.
As a base of my shadowbox I used a rusty baking tin...

I started with some vintage papers which were next glued to the tin with Soft Gloss Gel.
Then I used the same medium to transfer a printed image of an evening landscape. I put the image face down and applied a coat of Soft Gloss Gel onto the whole surface. This step made papers more resist to soaking. Once everything was dry, I rubbed the wet printing paper off and once again applied a coat of the Gel to strenghten the transferred image.

I added some night colours using Black Heavy Gesso and watered down Texture Paste in antique silver. I also used a pinch of both Glass Glitter and Glass Beads in dark shades and a little bit of black Micro Beads.

I cut out settings from Star Brads and attached a few in the corner.
The focal element was also a small tart tin whose shape evoked the rays of sun. It was the perfect place to use Mica Powders and Mica Flakes in silver shades to add some shiny accents here and there.

I finished the background with arranging tiny glass pieces, adding a solar seal and a vintage metal keyhole at the bottom of the baking tin.
Once all of them were higlighted with Mica Powders and Art Sugar, the fullmoon over the forest was complete.

Materials used:

8 kwietnia 2015

Golden Phase

'I longed to arrest all beauty that came before me.'
Julia Margaret Cameron

"Pragnęłam zatrzymać całe piękno, które przybyło przede mną."
Julia Margaret Cameron