30 września 2014

Where reflections dwell

"Jest mądrość rozumu i mądrość serca."
Charles Dickens

'There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom of the heart.'
Charles Dickens

28 września 2014

September gift from Bella Grace

I would like to thank everyone who left a comment on my previous post. It was such a joy to read about your early autumn pleasures. My daughter chose the giveaway winner who is Squirrel66. Bella Grace is yours. Congratulations and please provide me with your address :)

Paczuszka wędruje do Squirrel66. Gratulacje!

21st October
Squirrell66 please write to me and provide me with your address! In case you don't contact me I have to draw the next winner on 31st October. 

31st October
As the first winner didn't claim the magazine it will go to Manus. Congratulations and please provide me with your address :)

18 września 2014

Under the harvest moon

I'm so honored to be a part of the premiere issue of Bella Grace, a new book-like publication by Stampington. This outstanding magazine celebrates the beauty of the ordinary and is devoted to discovering magic in everyday moments. I was gifted with a copy to give away as part of the Bella Grace Blog Hop! I will also add a canvas from the previous post titled Inner sight. For a chance to win, leave a comment on this post telling about your little early autumn pleasures. Comments will close on Saturday, Sept 27th. The lucky reader will be announced on the following day.

Forest walk is my daily routine. Nature nourishes, calms and inspires me constantly. The autumnal equinox is near and a harvest moon will soon shine brightly. Sometimes I think that I could be able to live in a remote hut and be a picker who can live on forest floor findings. The sky is pink and golden when we are going home with full baskets. These modest treasures are gifts of September.

Heather: I bring bunches of them and put into pots and vases. They hang tied in wreaths which I weaved during woodland picnics. A stroll through the moors makes me drift away to a Victorian atmosphere of wuthering hights.

Acorns: In scandinavian folklore they stand for strenght and good fortune. Due to their perfect shape I used to gather them for decorating purposes or to play with my children and create fairy houses as well as their tiny inhabitants.

Pinecones: I collect them in any size and kind. Similarily to acorns they are perfect for keeping in jars and making natural garlands. When heated with candles they smell of pinewood and summer days. They stand for wisdom of nature and fertility.

Mushrooms: with their vivid colours and velvet cups they are the most picturesque findings in mossy undergrowth. Poisonous dotted amanita is an ideal spot to play fairies who employ them as stools. Instead of an edible one, here comes a tasty trophy as both picking and preparing boletus with cream and herbs are among my favourite autumnal pastimes.

Cranberry: last fruit which forest bears before misty and chilling days to come. A bit sour, they joyfully shine in the first autumn sunbeams. Even if we can't find a whole basket, a handful of them is enough to feed my little girl's dinosaurs.

Visit the other participants of the blog hop by clicking the banner below! Happy equinox!


Mam zaszczyt znaleźć się pomiędzy wspaniałymi autorkami w cudownym Bella Grace, wydanej książkowo najnowszej publikacji od Stampington. Ten wyjątkowy magazyn poświęcony jest odnajdywaniu piękna w codzienności oraz życiu jako cudownej przygodzie. Otrzymałam jeden egzemplarz, który mogę Wam podarować w ramach Bella Grace Blog Hop! Dołożę też pracę z poprzedniego posta. Aby dołączyć do zabawy pozostaw komentarz w którym podzielisz się swoją małą wrześniową przyjemnością. Komentarze otwarte będą do 27 sierpnia, dzień później ogłoszę wynik losowania i napiszę do kogo wyślę paczuszkę.

9 września 2014

Inner sight

"Zdolność do zachwytu jest darem poświęcania należytej uwagi."
Julia Margaret Cameron

'The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention.'
Julia Margaret Cameron