10 listopada 2017

November Workshop

When all colours are fading, shapes are softened by fog and melancholy is trembling in cool crisp air, there is something creative and energetic just around the corner - Art in Town. This artistic festival takes place in Warsaw and if you are in mixed media, altering objects or home decor it will definitely make you smile. To sweeten a few days of waiting for this superb meeting I think back to previous workskop during fantastic Craft Party.


Have an inspiring and soothing long evening, my dear readers!

27 października 2017

What Autumn Brings

When it was cold, windy and dark Mr. Postman brought a ray of sunshine from remote California - a fresh issue of Somerset Apprentice! Finding my article on its glorious pages always makes me smile. Each and every magazine is stuffed with invaluable tips, great ideas and inspiring tutorials. It is a spring where creative juices are flowing from, making your art grow and blossom.

Here are fruits of fantastic workshops at Scrapbooking Shop in Warsaw. It was a sheer pleasure and such a joyful and merry meeting  Thank you so much for joining!

Have a cosy and relaxing weekend!

31 sierpnia 2017

Late Summer Workshop

I'm happy to announce that my mixed-media class 'Written in the Stars' will take place at awesome Scrapbooking Shop in Warsaw in September. We will be working with brand new and recycled materials, as well as with yummy 7 Dots Studio stuff. Just a perfect late summer day!

28 lipca 2017

O Fortuna!

'O Fortune, like the moon you are changeable, ever waxing or waning.'
These famous words from an old chant made me go medieval and a bit contemplative with my journal...
Good night, silver beams upon you, my dear readers.


16 lipca 2017

Sunny announcements

I'm happy to announce that my mixed-media class 'Written in the Stars' will take place during wonderful Polish Craft Party in September. We will be working with brand new and recycled materials, as well as with yummy 7 Dots Studio stuff. Just have a look at this awesome art meeting in Poznan, it is full of creative juices and friendly atmosphere.

What is the best package to find in a letterbox? Freshly printed Somerset Studio Gallery! Finding my piece titled Celestial Rust on its glossy pages made my heart sing. I will take this inspiring issue for some outdoor reading, so I wish you delightsome summer time filled with light, joy and making your bond with nature tight.

14 czerwca 2017

Silver Thorn

Two new collections by 7 Dots have something in common: subtle palettes, eerie paterns and designs taken directly from the natural world. This means that they would wonderfully combine with my dried treasures. So, here comes a new spread in my nature diary.
I would like to announce that the winner who takes the goodies from the previous post is Miss Marple. Conrgatulations!

1 czerwca 2017

A Spring Basket - 7 Dots Studio Giveaway

Spring was walking through forests and meadows with a basket full of bluebells, lillies of the valley, lilacs and... fresh collections by 7 Dots Studio! I was lucky enough to find them among soft grass and I would like to share my joy with you. If you are intrested in these wonderful goodies, please leave your comment below until Monday, 5th of June.
May this season's abundance fill you with light and fulfillment!

8 kwietnia 2017

Spring Abundance

'Spring drew on...and a greenness grew over those brown beds, which, freshening daily, suggested the thought that hope traversed them at night, and left each morning brighter traces of her steps.'
Charlotte Brontë

7 Dots Studio - Cold Country - Clear Stamps, Lost and Found - 213, Homegrown - Happy, Tags 12x12, Cotton Candy Dreams – Clear Stamps

28 lutego 2017

1 lutego 2017

Principles of Truth

There is something very appealing in Dee Dee Catron’s collections. Something they have in common, maybe the vintage air in them, maybe the edgy design or maybe the topis which are brought to life. But one thing is certain: the unique and outstanding versatility which allows you to mix them every time you want. Cotton Candy’s sweetness with Tarot figures mysticism, together with botanical prints of Homegrown collection, all go together very well. You can pick and add all you favourite elements into one magical potion. I’m sure it will cast its creative spell on you!

7 Dots Studio - Writer's Block - Sincerely, Burden, Cotton Candy - Clear Stamps, Dreams - Tags 12x12, Fortune-teller - Clear Stamps, Tarot, Soul, Clear Stamps, Homegrown - Happy