31 maja 2015

Moon Goddess - Finnabair Creative Team

It's time for my new piece for Finn's team: the lady of the night sky.
The cycle of the moon, Alphonse Mucha’s painting and a myth of lunar deities are such a mesmerizing triad. To pay tribute to the mystery of the starry night sky I’ve come up with a canvas dedicated to celestial powers.

I started with gluing down the background with Soft Gloss Gel onto a canvas board. I found  rather dark paper, covered with pseudo scientific notes, resembling the night sky. I trimed the excess of the paper, then sprinkled the whole with custom blue mists created from watercolours and Mica Powders and, finally, I let it dry.

I accented the edges with teal Gelatos and smudged them with my finger to blend colours into the background. Then I decorated the canvas with exquisite background stamps designed by Finn. My patterns of choice were distressed walls from a fresh collection. To add some dimension, I put Modeling Paste through a stencil using a palette knife.

It was time for arranging a focal composition from a postcard with Alphonse Mucha’s painting, silver beads, and wires along with a pendant from the Mechanicals collection. I fixed everything with Soft Gloss Gel and attached some Star Brads here and there. Then came the most creative part as I was about to add a nocturnal touch to the composition. I mixed a pinch of each Mica Powder with Soft Gloss Gel and I started highlighting the planetary beads, the stars and the silhoutte to obtain sparkling effect.

I embellished the head of moon goddess with a halo of Mica Flakes and tiny stars. Then I added a silver afterglow with the help of Art Sugar. Is there anything inappropriate in glamourous night? I didn’t think so and couldn’t resist a bit of Glitters. I glued down all the above shiny ingredients with Gloss Gel. Then I used a mixture of Silver Crackle Paste with blue and gold Mica Powders and painted sides of the canvas board. I also sprinkled the whole using a brush and a finger.  The last step was stamping edges with Crackle Paste.

The moon goddess shone in the sky. Good night :)

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26 maja 2015

Salty Driftwood

There is a wonderful challenge on 7 Dots Studio blog as its topic concerns the trees. So it quite came naturally to use a piece of them in the literal sense -  the found driftwood. As it derived from the sea, some nautical elements from Destination Unkown collection and UmWow Studio were more than welcomed. Is there anything more relaxing than a slow walk along the beach with a serenade of waves, seagulls and wind? This is the best moment to seize the day, isn’t it?


15 maja 2015

Somerset Apprentice in the sunlight

What a wonderful opportunity to be published in the fresh issue of Somerset Apprentice! I'm so happy to find my tutorial among works of such talented artists. The magazine is filled to the brim with great instructions and ideas. As this issue came along with spring Somerset Memories, where one of my piece is also to be found, a fascinating reading is just to begin. Thank you once again dear Stampington!

Cóż za cudowna możliwość znaleźć się na łamach świeżutkiego Somerset Apprentice! Jestem niezwykle szczęśliwa, że mój tutorial został zamieszczony w gronie prac tak utalentowanych artystek. Magazyn jest wypełniony po brzegi świetnymi pomysłami i wskazówkami. A poza tym przybył wraz z wiosennym wydaniem Somerset Memories, gdzie jedna z moich prac również została zamieszczona, więc czas zasiąść do fascynującej lektury. Dziękuję po raz kolejny drogi Stampingtonie!

8 maja 2015

Under Control - Finnabair Creative Team

It's time for my new piece for Finn's blog: a bit thought- provoking assemblage.
The world demands from us accurateness and appropriateness. We are tied with bans and wound up playing our roles. This thought has sparkled me to create a shadowbox on bonds and norms.

I started with applying a coat of Heavy White Gesso onto a wooden box. Then I arranged a figurine along with cogs, gears and other Mechanicals. I glued the composition thanks to 3D Gloss Gel which I also applied on the whole surface. When the shadowbox was slightly damp, I painted it with Mica Powders in rusty tones. Dry Powders stuck nicely to Gel and Gesso which had primed all the sleek surfaces.

Then I sprinkled the composition with Glass Glitters in muted colors. When they dried, I entwined the figurine with wires on which I strung a few Glass Beads in Zinc. I wanted to emphasize the bonds which make us so limited and blocked. As my finishing touch I decided to paint the frame with watered down Copper Crackle Texture Paste which I applied here and there with my finger.

I fixed a small wodden block as a pedestal which was also treated with a coat of Copper Paste and embellished with three Stars Brads in line.
I also decided to highlight the focal element with a pinch of dark Art Sugar and blue Glitters from the Caribbean Sea set.

I wish you a wonderful weekend without any boundaries :)

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