28 lipca 2017

O Fortuna!

'O Fortune, like the moon you are changeable, ever waxing or waning.'
These famous words from an old chant made me go medieval and a bit contemplative with my journal...
Good night, silver beams upon you, my dear readers.


16 lipca 2017

Sunny announcements

I'm happy to announce that my mixed-media class 'Written in the Stars' will take place during wonderful Polish Craft Party in September. We will be working with brand new and recycled materials, as well as with yummy 7 Dots Studio stuff. Just have a look at this awesome art meeting in Poznan, it is full of creative juices and friendly atmosphere.

What is the best package to find in a letterbox? Freshly printed Somerset Studio Gallery! Finding my piece titled Celestial Rust on its glossy pages made my heart sing. I will take this inspiring issue for some outdoor reading, so I wish you delightsome summer time filled with light, joy and making your bond with nature tight.