31 grudnia 2015

A Lot of Light

For the upcoming year I wish you all the ability of hearing the inner song that prevents you from going astray and getting lost. Lots of beauty, prosperity, inspiration and bliss to all of you. May the light guide you toward hapinness.
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Na Nowy Rok życzę Wam, abyście zawsze wsłuchiwały się w wewnętrzną pieśń, która nie pozwala zbłądzić. Niech wypełni Was piękno, natchnienie i błogość. Niech pomyślność nigdy się nie kończy, a światło wypełnia każdy dzień.
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19 grudnia 2015

Winter Stargazers - Finnabair Creative Team

December sky is like a dark and frozen dome from which Mother Winter shakes out her blankets and pillows that sprinkle the world with lovely snow. Those who have trouble sleeping on such nights are able to see the very first snowflake and shiny constellations.

The tattered baking tin was so tempting that I didn’t want to overshadow its natural rust and scratches with any paint.
I started out with a few Mechanicals Typewriter Numbers that became the points of interest in my work. They were glued down to the tin and then completed with a number of bigger and smaller Star Brads. I chose a round Mechanicals Washer as the focal element. Everything was fixed with 3D Gel which is the best adhesive for metal pieces. Next, I covered the metal tags with an abundant coat of Soft Gel and then glued portraits from the Ephemera collection face down and let them dry. To reveal the transfer I sprinkled the tags with a bit of water and soon removed the wet paper rubbing it gently off with my finger.

I  stamped the tags with the Messy clear stamp that has a lovely handwriting pattern. I applied one more coat of Soft Gel on my tags to seal the pictures. I also added the symbol of sun and moon as the main element. To add some dimension, I used a starry stencil with 3D Gel which was applied with a palette knife.

To accent the 3D patterns, I painted them with a mixture of Soft Gel and Mica Powders. Then I applied a thin coat of such paint over the whole tin. Then I fixed the metal tags and the bottle cap to the tin adding another portrait in the cap.

To finish off, I embellished the background here and there with silver paint. I also added a pinch of Micro Beads on the tags. The idea of less is more worked perfectly here. 

Have a delightful and relaxing weekend!

Materials used:

6 grudnia 2015

Artful Creature - Finnabair Creative Team

One of my favourites signed by Finnabair is White Crackle Paste which I use in almost all my projects. It may be applied with a pallete knife or a flat brush and it is characterized by perfect thickness and density. One of the most handy media for me is a mixture of Gesso and Crackle Paste.
I used such mixture in a small assemblage which was made out of altered toys, a wooden box and a few Mechanicals.

I started with arranging the composition and gluing all the pieces with 3D Gel. Then I applied the mixture of Clear Gesso and White Crackle Paste and I let it dry.

Then, I painted the whole with Soft Matte Gel and Mica Powders and added some Micro Beads around the centerpiece. To finish and even the backgound I used Mica Powders once again. The crackles are delicate and media stay firmly in place.

Products used:

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Have a wonderful evening!

27 listopada 2015

Highlander’s Heart

I felt delighted when it came to create a spread in Finnabair’s round robin art journal. We were asked to use both elements: some coffee or tea stain and a portrait chosen from a pile of photos depicting Finn’s relatives. The gentleman wearing traditional highland outfit just stole my heart at once. His personality after so many years is still irresistible.

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20 listopada 2015

Frozen Lace - Finnabair Creative Team

Let it snow, let it snow...a winter wonderland is truly a magical place and also very inspiring. Here is a short story of my frosty ornament. First, I fixed together the Mechanicals flowers, starry brads and metal wings. Don’t the Mechanical flowers look like icy patterns painted by frost at night?

Then I covered everything with frozen lake and silver Mica Powders, and also added some peacock feathers between the bases and the wings. I couldn’t resist to sprinkle the whole thing with a pinch of Micro Beads, Glass Glitter, and frosted Mica Flakes. Everything was glued down thanks to Snowflake Paste. 

I attached a flair button to the first element and a crystal at the bottom. I finished with addition of tiny stars which had been cut out with the help of Stars Stencil and were made of shrinking plastic. At the end I used a bit more Finnabair’s sprinkles once again. As we all love things that glitter, right?
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Prima Products: Micro Beads Silver 962562, Mechanicals Tassel 961114, Mechanicals Wings 962432, Mechanicals Flowers 960407, Mica Flakes Frosted 961749, 3D Gloss Gel 961381, Star Brads 961169, Mica Powder Blue Opal Magic 963545, Mica Powder Pale Silver 962517, Mica Powder Frozen Lake 962821, Brush Set 962760, Glass Glitter Midnight Blue 962715, Snowflake Paste 962906, Stencil Stars 961312

13 listopada 2015

Spoonful of Yuletide

Gingerbread, warm cider, hot milk, vanilla cookies, honey, cinnamon sticks, clove, tangerines and above all, fresh pine scent ... Oh yes, Yule with its all warm scents may be really delicious and my spoon is already filled with winter flavour.

I used:

7 listopada 2015

Wild Geese - Finnabair Creative Team

The first snowflake is dancing on the frozen ground. All birds flew away from these leaden clouds on the stormy sky. The evening is near. The pastel coloured sunset evokes a bunch of wild flowers with soft rosewood, blush and heather tints.

My very first step was covering the inside of a wooden box with vintage patterned papers using 3D Gloss Gel. Then I painted almost the whole with Heavy White Gesso. The layer was rather thin and it lets the background be seen through. I used gesso inside the frame as well.

When the primer coat was drying, I randomly added the next ingredient – White Crackle Texture Paste in chunky brushstrokes. The thicker coat resulted in heavy and sloppy crackles. Then I put some Light Paste in the corners and attached a vintage crochet doily cut in half, which was glued firmly thanks to the paste. The last step was adding a bit of Glass Beads here and there which were also covered with white brushstrokes. When the surface became dry, I splashed the background with tea to obtain an even and distressed look. Then I added some tints with watercolor and pastel pencils which offer dreamy and soft overall effect.

For my centrepiece elements I chose some feathers, Type Writer Numbers, raw strings and a pinch of Mica Flakes. I finished with sprinkling some areas with Micro Beads which were glued down with Clear Crackle Paste.

And then it was time to put aside my brushes and finish my cup of tea...

Have a relaxing and cosy weekend!

Materials used: