27 marca 2016

Victorian Notes

Today I would like to deal with you with some tips on creating something girlish, sentimental and handy – a notebook with mixed media cover. You may find all the products and a few instructions on 7 Dots Studio blog.
Have a lovely spring weekend! Nature is reborn and joyful light is back!

16 marca 2016

Elixir of Life - Finnabair Creative Team

Those who read Bram Stoker’s thrilling novel will never forget the spooky atmosphere of Count Dracula’s sinister castle in Transylvania. The Count himself still ignites the imagination of those who see beauty in uncanny and mysterious stories.
He also inspired me to set off on a night date with his ever fascinating myth.

My creative journey hand in hand with the vampire started with choosing the images that would make a perfect portrait and a bit haunted background. I glued them to the canvas panel with my best adhesive of choice – Heavy Body Gel.
Both the landscape and the photo seemed to me a little bit too perfect, too neat, so I decided they just needed a few strokes of paint to even the composition and gain some artistic properties. I painted the blank areas with Black Gesso and then covered the edges of the pictures with messy brushstrokes of greenish blue Art Alchemy Paints

Soon afterwards I put over the canvas a thin coat of Clear Crackle Paste and sprinkled its damp surface with a pinch of Micro Beads.
Then came the most artistic part of the project. With the help of Art Alchemy paints I created a dramatic scenery surrounding the mysterious bust of the vampire. 

I added three focal elements at the bottom of my composition. The first one is a rusty Pocket Watch in which I placed a clear Art Pebble with a small photograph underneath. I also couldn’t resist attaching some Mini Hardware elements in the corners.
The two remaining focal points are an old key and a 'bloody' vial. I entwined them with some wire and fixed to the background along with a few tiny bells, all with the help of Heavy Body Gel. When everything was dry, I added some distressed touches with Rust Paste, which is a must have medium for all vintage lovers! And so the desired Transilvanian effect was reached with flying colours.

Materials used:

Here comes the night! Sweet dreams, my dear readers! Sleep well...

8 marca 2016

Ludwig's Tale

'I want to remain an eternal mystery to myself and others.'
King Ludwig II of Bavaria

This time I would like to share with you my new mixed media canvas. While working on the background I used a lot of stripes from my favourite papers. I eventually came up with an idea how to compile all these various odds and ends which I had collected. Such a composition just needed a few stamps and paints along with some metal additions. Something new, something old and something from 7 Dots Studio – these are the keys to creative happiness!

Supplies used:

Have a peaceful and cosy week!

4 marca 2016

On Mistakes - Finnabair Creative Team

Mistakes (or happy accidents if you will) happen to everyone. What true experts do, is they don't let it stop them! Visit  Finn's blog where her Team is sharing their personal thoughts and stories. So, now a few words from me.
No beauty is perfect. Ideal forms are usually the most boring ones. Art which is free from errors and mistakes makes the viewer humbled but doesn’t grab his emotions. Art is giving yourself a permission to make mistakes. They are part of the process and one of the factors which makes your art as unique and true.
I would like to share with you my solution in case of mistakes or little disasters. Some time ago I had one of my journal spreads torn apart. In order to make it look right again, I fixed the page with washi tape. Then I put a generous coat of Heavy White Gesso to cover the line of fixing. When it became dry, I sprayed it with blue and green Mica Powders mixed with water. To blend it more into the backround, I used a few stamps and black india ink splashes. The spread was repaired and in one piece once again.

It was easy-peasy, right? And I still may journal on the reverse!
Have a relaxing evening, my dear readers!