28 marca 2015

Favourite Ones - Finnabair Creative Team

You may a special treat on Finnabair blog - a bunch of information about favourite products of her Creative Team. It was a hard task to choose only one when there is a plenty to pick from, but stencils are certainly a good choice.
Stencils signed by Finn distinguish themselves by both design and quality. I’m under the spell of their versatility, they can do any background, be one of the layers or serve as a finishing touch.
Their patterns are far from sweet daisies, but this is the thing I adore in them the most. All these cogs, nets, broken wires and distressed harlequins make them a perfect choice to use in a bit mechanical and shabby piece.

The stencils are thick which makes them not only perfect for applying pastes or gels, but it also helps when cleaning. They have perfect sizes for both large and small projects. I appreciate them for the fact of not being transparent at all. Looking through their opaque and grey surface at the work beneath is a pure joy as it lets me choose a perfect place to put the media on. They don’t let mists leak through and perfectly stay in place.

You may also use them as a stamp on a damp and thick coat of modeling paste. Anything more to wish for?
Don't miss a whole of this amazing read and have a sunny weekend!

24 marca 2015

On the Shore

'There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more.'
Lord Byron

These rough shells found on the blowy and distant seashore are a small part of my collection. I used to gather pieces of nature from the places I have been to. Pebbles, dried flowers and feathers make me smile every time I open the box of my memories. If you are also into fauna and flora, you will love our fresh challenge on 7 Dots Studio blog.

7 Dots Studio - Destination Unknown - Clear Stamps, Chipboard, Thoughts Keeper - no5

"Jest pewna przyjemność w bezdrożnych lasach, jest upojenie na samotnym wybrzeżu, jest społeczność, gdzie nie ma intruzów, przy głębokim morzu i muzyce jego szumu; Nie człowieka kocham mniej, lecz Naturę bardziej."
Lord Byron

Te niepozorne muszle znalezione na wietrznym i dalekim wybrzeżu należą do większej kolekcji. Mam zwyczaj zbierania wszelkich niewielkich tworów natury z miejsc, które miałam przyjemność zobaczyć. Trzymane w kieszeniach kamyczki, piórka i zasuszone kwiaty potrafią przywołać uśmiech na wspomnienie dni w których zostały zebrane. Jeśli tematyka fauny i flory również jest Wam bliska nie oprzecie się zapewne poniższemu świeżemu wyzwaniu na blogu 7 Dots Studio.


13 marca 2015

Wood Violets

There is a faint smell of springtime in the air. Sweet daffodils, fragrant hyacinths and charming pansies are already here and announce sunny days, despite the fact that it has been raining all day.
Text reads: Educated women who value good taste are fans of violet scented perfums. Lovely opinion, isn't it?

Już można wyczuć ulotny zapach wiosny w powietrzu. Urzekające żonkile, oszałamiająco pachnące hiacynty i urokliwe bratki już tu są i zapowiadają nadejście słonecznych dni, pomimo faktu, że pada dziś cały dzień. A tekst o tym czym pachną estetki uwiódł mnie od razu. Wspaniała teoria, prawda?

10 marca 2015

Opposities Attract - Finnabair Creative Team

I’m so impressed by Finnabair’s creativity, wonderful versatility and high quality of the products. It was a pleasure to work with them on a canvas telling a story of a prim couple.
So, he keeps both feet on the ground. She is a dreamer. His mind is analytical, hers always reaches for the stars. But they have spent so many years together. Is this a kind of confusion or maybe opposites really do attract?

My intention was to arrange this couple as if they were worn portraits on an old wall with peeling paint and wallpaper.
I started with some torn paper glued on my canvas with Soft Gloss Gel and then I covered the whole thing with a thick coat of Modeling Paste.
When it dried a little, I put on the second coat of White Crackle Texture Paste. I used a pallete knife and scratched the excess of media here and there. I finished with making tea stains to obtain a weary look.

The photos were taken from a stash of scrapbook papers and needed a little makeover to make them look more vintage.
First, I accented some elements on the pictures with watercoloured pencils. The idea of less is more worked best here. Then, I covered the portraits with a shiny layer of 3D Gloss Gel. This step made them thicker and sharper.

When it comes to the treasures that I put into ziplock bags, I chose gears and other Mechanicals along with starry brads which were more than perfect.
To have them altered, I painted them with Copper Crackle Paste and when it was still quite damp I added some brushstrokes of Rust Mica Powder, a pinch of Sterling Glass Glitter and a pinch of  Micro Beads in metallic shades.
The stars were also treated with glitter and their settings were cut away.

When the bags were filled with treasures and a bit of Glitter, I stapled the photos to fix them and then attached the buttons.
I glued a plate above the photos and also used a few Mica Flakes in Frosted shade. I sealed them with 3D Gloss Gel.

I hope you like meeting my vintage couple and their story. :)
Products used: