23 lutego 2016

Love for Rust - Finnabair Creative Team

This week starts off with some really exciting news - Finnabair reveals her new products! If you are in mixed media, you are going to love this release! I'm totally under the spell of Art Alchemy paints, sculpture mediums, and absolutely amazing a rust paste set. Check out Prima blog for a yummy mixed media feast prepared by Finn and her Team.
I love to give a new life to discarded objects and reshape broken pieces into something interesting. This time I used crushed china figurines that I put together and a bottle cap along with a pair of wings.
The best glue I can recommend is 3D Gel which holds everything perfectly. To fill the blank areas between all the elements I worked with Sculpture Medium. To even the surface I covered the whole figurine with Black Gesso and added a pinch of Art Stones at the base.

Mid olga3

Afterwards, I painted the statue with Rust Pastes. They imitate real rust both in colours and structure.

Mid olga4 
To highlight the raised areas and add some patina effect, I used brass and blue brush strokes from the new range of Alchemy Paints. The creature was born again and stands tall with its wings spread wide.

Prima Products: 3D Matte Gel - 961398, Art Extravagance Sculpture Medium - Neutral Beige - 963026, Rust Paste Set - 963576, Art Alchemy Acrylic Paints: Metallique Ancient Coin - 963057, Metallique Brass Hardware - 963095, Metallique Rusty Red - 963156, Metallique Emerald Green - 963170, Heavy Black Gesso - 961459, Art Ingredients Art Stones - 963705

11 lutego 2016

Wheel of Fortune - Finnabair Creative Team

Time is a loop. The story of one man influences the life of another. And the wheel of fortune makes them look either into the abyss or into the stars. These thoughts and the new amazing collection from Finnabair were my inspiration for this piece.

As the base of my work I chose the back side of a stretched canvas panel. To start the background I glued down some monochromatic paper with scientific patterns both inside and along the wooden frames using 3D Gel.
Then I painted the edges with Black Gesso and applied a thin and irregular coat of the mentioned medium over the paper. This step resulted in a more even look and prepared the paper for painting. I used a sanding block to tatter the edges and smooth the surface.

Then I had the pleasure to play a bit with the amazing new Art Alchemy acrylic paints. They are shimmery and transparent while their colours are so versatile. I used Light Patina, Rich Torquoise and Steampunk Copper which I applied with my finger to obtain a messy effect. The dark background wonderfully exposed and emphasized the properties of acrylics.
To start working on the focal arrangement, I glued portraits from a vintage photo under new Finnabair's Art Pebbles. I used 3D Gel which dries transparent and once dried, I trimed the excess of the photo underneath.

Then I arranged the composition of gears from new Rustic collection of Mechanicals. I have to admit that they look as if they really were changed by the passage of time... To emphasize the focal elements I glued down a central star from Barn kit and a few Mini Stars, all of them from the latest collection.
At the bottom I fixed rusty nails and finished the piece with two screws in the corners from Mini Hardware set of Mechanicals.

To add some highlights of patina, I brushed with a light hand some gears and stars using blue shades of Art Alchemy paints. As the final step, I splashed the canvas with tea to create interesting stains that perfectly imitate this time-worn effect that I never get enough of.

Have a wonderful, artsy week!

Materials used:

6 lutego 2016

House and Its Head

This family was rather odd... a Victorian patriarch, his dominated wife, pristine daughters, a lukewarm nephew and their intrusive two-faced relatives. Their elegant house was a rather dishororable and claustrophobic place where every small talk was like a battle in the guise of respect and politeness.
I used:

I wish you relaxing and comforting or even a bit Victorian weekend!