28 marca 2015

Favourite Ones - Finnabair Creative Team

You may a special treat on Finnabair blog - a bunch of information about favourite products of her Creative Team. It was a hard task to choose only one when there is a plenty to pick from, but stencils are certainly a good choice.
Stencils signed by Finn distinguish themselves by both design and quality. I’m under the spell of their versatility, they can do any background, be one of the layers or serve as a finishing touch.
Their patterns are far from sweet daisies, but this is the thing I adore in them the most. All these cogs, nets, broken wires and distressed harlequins make them a perfect choice to use in a bit mechanical and shabby piece.

The stencils are thick which makes them not only perfect for applying pastes or gels, but it also helps when cleaning. They have perfect sizes for both large and small projects. I appreciate them for the fact of not being transparent at all. Looking through their opaque and grey surface at the work beneath is a pure joy as it lets me choose a perfect place to put the media on. They don’t let mists leak through and perfectly stay in place.

You may also use them as a stamp on a damp and thick coat of modeling paste. Anything more to wish for?
Don't miss a whole of this amazing read and have a sunny weekend!

4 komentarze:

  1. Dear Olga I love this piece (no surprise, I love every single piece you have ever made)! Fabulous textures!
    Best wishes from Slovenia

  2. Niesamowicie piękna praca!
    Wesołej Wielkanocy!!!

  3. Zdecydowanie zatrzymały mnie kolory! tekstury i kolory - fantastyczne!