31 maja 2015

Moon Goddess - Finnabair Creative Team

It's time for my new piece for Finn's team: the lady of the night sky.
The cycle of the moon, Alphonse Mucha’s painting and a myth of lunar deities are such a mesmerizing triad. To pay tribute to the mystery of the starry night sky I’ve come up with a canvas dedicated to celestial powers.

I started with gluing down the background with Soft Gloss Gel onto a canvas board. I found  rather dark paper, covered with pseudo scientific notes, resembling the night sky. I trimed the excess of the paper, then sprinkled the whole with custom blue mists created from watercolours and Mica Powders and, finally, I let it dry.

I accented the edges with teal Gelatos and smudged them with my finger to blend colours into the background. Then I decorated the canvas with exquisite background stamps designed by Finn. My patterns of choice were distressed walls from a fresh collection. To add some dimension, I put Modeling Paste through a stencil using a palette knife.

It was time for arranging a focal composition from a postcard with Alphonse Mucha’s painting, silver beads, and wires along with a pendant from the Mechanicals collection. I fixed everything with Soft Gloss Gel and attached some Star Brads here and there. Then came the most creative part as I was about to add a nocturnal touch to the composition. I mixed a pinch of each Mica Powder with Soft Gloss Gel and I started highlighting the planetary beads, the stars and the silhoutte to obtain sparkling effect.

I embellished the head of moon goddess with a halo of Mica Flakes and tiny stars. Then I added a silver afterglow with the help of Art Sugar. Is there anything inappropriate in glamourous night? I didn’t think so and couldn’t resist a bit of Glitters. I glued down all the above shiny ingredients with Gloss Gel. Then I used a mixture of Silver Crackle Paste with blue and gold Mica Powders and painted sides of the canvas board. I also sprinkled the whole using a brush and a finger.  The last step was stamping edges with Crackle Paste.

The moon goddess shone in the sky. Good night :)

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