11 lipca 2015

In the Woods - Finnabair Creative Team

Would you like to listen the story from the wilderness? Here it goes - my new project for Finnabair Team...
Today’s inspiration for the canvas came directly from my bookshelf. It is a beautifully written book of old Norway by Trygve Gulbranssen titled ‘The Wind from the Mountains’.
This lyrical story takes a look into complicated human nature, but it is also filled with vivid descriptions of the mighty landscape and life in the wilderness. You can almost hear the song of the woods while reading.

I started with cutting a vintage book page and some scrapbooking papers into square pieces.
I arranged the composition on a canvas board and then stamped the paper pieces in a messy manner with various background stamps from Finn’s collections. The result was rather far from neat and elegant, just in a desired vintage manner.

I glued the squares with Matte Gel and trimmed the excess of papers. Then I mixed White Crackle Texture Paste with the Gel and applied the mixture with a palette knife onto the canvas creating a light coat, letting the backgroung be seen through.
Once everything was dry, I stained the whole thing with strong tea.

Then I glued with Matte Gel all the focal collage elements: the vintage photo, the dried plant and the tiny wrapped twigs.
I used washi tape to fix the plant down and arranged Mechnicals Stars Brads on wires.
The final step was to tint some parts of my collage with Mica Powders. My intention was to get a soft distressed look so I used a relatively small amount of Powders to not overdo with shine and glamour. Some moderation and limited colour palette were my best companions here.

I hope you like my interpretation of the song of the woods...
Have a wonderful weekend surrounded by nature!

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