19 kwietnia 2016

Dark Romanticism - Finnabair Creative Team

She found herself among some rusty ferns.
The moist moss lay underneath, the burning stars high above.
The chilling air was cooling down her emotions.

As two main elements of my work I chose a canvas panel together with a small broken china plate. To start the background, I glued down grey paper in botanical patterns using Heavy Body Gel. Then I painted the background with Black Gesso along with Emerald Green and navy (Deep Waters) inkblots of Alchemy Paints.
I applied this mixture with my finger to obtain a messy effect and when the medium was drying, I wiped the canvas with a moist cloth. This step resulted in ragged and time-worn effect.

Then I started working on the focal element. I glued down the young lady’s portrait onto the china plate and also fixed the photo of moon phases under a few Art Pebbles. I used Heavy Body Gel which dries transparent and once it had dried I trimed the excess of the photo underneath.
Then I arranged the composition of Pebbles and the china plate. I added a Mechanicals Star and dried ferns which were attached to the background with versatile Heavy Body Gel.

When dry, I enhanced the composition with a dried root, a pinch of Micro Beads, a pinch of Mica Powders, a bit of Rust Pastes along with Rusty Red Alchemy Paint.

Having finished the piece, I covered the plate with a coat of glaze medium and imprinted the stamp with heated sealing wax.
The last step was adding a bit of color on the ferns and a few tea stain drops.

I hope that my work stirs a nostalgic element of your heart. Have a romantic weekend!

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