11 maja 2016

Where Imagination Rules - Finnabair Creative Team

I've always thought logic and magic were two actual opposites, but on the second thought, I realized that imagination is indeed equal to magic. Creativity takes you to places others have never been to – just like a magic spell. The great Albert Einstein definitely knew this truth and I couldn’t agree more with his beautiful phrase.
Imagination is like invisible doors that lead to the worlds only you can create. Where others see only dead-ends, creative people find possibilities, chances, challenges and adventures. 
I always try to remain open-minded and flexible while working on my art. If creativity is magic, and magic is the ability to shape reality according to your own will, then imagination truly takes artists anywhere they wish to go.
Finnabair and her team would like to encourage you to celebrate your creative side by taking part in wonderful challenge! Just open your hearts and journals then let creativity flow.

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